VALCHLOR® (mechlorethamine) gel is a prescription medicine used on the skin (topical) to treat people with Stage IA and IB mycosis fungoides-type cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (MF-CTCL) who have received previous skin treatment. It is not known if VALCHLOR is safe and effective in children.

A medicine for
Stage IA/IB MF-CTCL that is clear

Artistic rendition of Stage IA/IB MF‑CTCL. Not an actual patient.

*In a clinical study, 119 VALCHLOR patients were evaluated over a 12-month period. 45.4% (54 out of 119 patients) experienced a partial response to the medication and 14.3% (17 out of 119 patients) achieved a complete response or clear skin in up to 5 index lesions. A complete response was achieved when the Composite Assessment of Index Lesion Severity (CAILS) score was 0, combining skin lesion ratings for redness, scaling, plaque elevation, and surface area.

VALCHLOR is a clear gel option to help patients with Stage IA/IB MF-CTCL.
Ask your doctor if VALCHLOR is right for you.

Valchlor tube

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Once-daily application in the comfort of your own home

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Quick drying within 10 minutes (you can put it on and go about your day)

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Moisturizers may be applied (use on affected areas of your skin 2 hours before or 2 hours after using VALCHLOR)

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Non-greasy gel (once dry, unlikely to stain clothing or bedsheets)