VALCHLOR® (mechlorethamine) gel is a prescription medicine used on the skin (topical) to treat people with Stage IA and IB mycosis fungoides-type cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (MF-CTCL) who have received previous skin treatment. It is not known if VALCHLOR is safe and effective in children.

The VALCHLOR Support® team is here to help you with your treatment

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  • When your doctor prescribes VALCHLOR, the two of you will fill out and sign a form that authorizes a specialty pharmacy to ship VALCHLOR directly to you
  • A nurse from the specialty pharmacy will call you to arrange delivery and answer any questions you may have about your prescription. This call will come from area codes 844, 955, or 877. You must answer this call to arrange delivery of your prescription
  • Throughout your treatment journey, a nurse or pharmacist will reach out to answer questions you may have about VALCHLOR
    • Important note: VALCHLOR will not be shipped to your home unless you speak with the nurse to confirm shipment. Then someone has to be present at your home to sign for your delivery of VALCHLOR
  • Please note that VALCHLOR is not available at your local pharmacy. VALCHLOR is only offered through a specialty pharmacy, which will help you with all your needs, including providing assistance with your prescription and insurance verification

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VALCHLOR is delivered directly to your doorstep safely and securely for at-home application

You can depend on VALCHLOR Support®

VALCHLOR is a special medicine and it comes with a lot of support.

Contacting VALCHLOR Support® at 1-855-4-VALCHLOR (1-855-482-5245) can help you with the following:

  • Help answer questions about your prescription, VALCHLOR, and what to expect during treatment
  • Outreach via phone call and text message provided by specially trained pharmacists and nurses to help with your treatment
  • Reimbursement specialists can assist you with:
    • Initial prescription enrollment and insurance verification for VALCHLOR
    • Scheduling of VALCHLOR shipments directly to you
    • VALCHLOR refill reminders
    • Financial assistance if you are eligible (see below)
    • Assistance with claims support

Eligible patients* are provided with financial assistance

  • If you are privately insured, VALCHLOR is covered by most health plans
  • If you don’t have a prescription plan, you may be eligible for a patient assistance program
  • If you have limited coverage, alternative funding resources may be available

Helsinn would like to further support eligible patients by temporarily waiving the $10 fee.

Eligible patients pay no more than $10 $0 per prescription fill.*

*The VALCHLOR copay program is only available for US and Puerto Rico residents who are 18 or older and have commercial health insurance with copay/coinsurance exceeding $10 $0 per prescription fill. Patients ineligible for the VALCHLOR copay/coinsurance program include those enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, VA/DoD (Tricare), the Indian Health Service, or any other federal- or state-funded healthcare program, or where prohibited by law. The VALCHLOR copay program is not prescription drug coverage or insurance. Helsinn Therapeutics, Inc. reserves the right to terminate or modify this program at any time without notice. Other terms and conditions apply.